Creating a Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

I recently held a workshop about the changes to Facebook in 2012 and the new features in Facebook Timelines. We spent a lot of time discussing the challenge of finding just the right cover image. I’m still on the search of that perfect image, both on my Facebook business page and on my personal page. Here’s one helpful article about how to create a good cover image. With a little patience and creativity, you can find a look that strikes the right notes. Good luck!

How to Create a Facebook Timeline Cover Photo: Examples and Best Practices | Design Shack.


2 thoughts on “Creating a Facebook Timeline Cover Photo

  1. I love the cover photo option — but hate timeline & have resisted the switch, i keep hearing they’re making it mandatory, but so far i’ve still got my old page. I’ll keep this i mind for the future…..

    • I don’t mind the timeline, but getting the right cover image is driving me crazy. For my business Facebook page I feel it’s necessary to be up to date. However, I am not happy with my current cover picture. The only reason it’s there is that I was doing a demonstration of cover pages and I had to use my own page as an example! I’ll keep working on it though, and eventually, I will have that perfect cover image…

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